The Children's Fair

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The annual Children's Fair is a central part of Camp Blaze's mission. We believe the success of our children requires strong and connected families linked to a family-focused community including the workplace, churches, government, education, recreation, and non-profit agencies. The Children's Fair is an effective way to spotlight the community's family-focused resource base.

The Children's Fair has been held the first Saturday of May for the past 26 years and is hosted at the Big Vanilla Athletic Club in Arnold, Maryland. This community outreach offers a time for family fun with hands-on educational, resource, and health exhibits that help make a difference in raising children today. The Fair has a special dimension in spotlighting Hometown Heroes, family, business, and civic leaders whose good deeds inspire us to do better, and whose love and actions help children to learn about their culture, to learn what is right and wrong, good and true and what is honorable.

The Children's Fair was created for highlighting the value of good deeds and connecting families to the educational, medical, entertainment, nutritional, political, spiritual, and sports components that address family life in our county and state. This is why in 2012 over 10,000 people took part in the Fair. The Fair is a place for families to come and be encouraged by the strength of support in our county, and leave with a renewed sense of hope and purpose in addressing family needs.

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