Survival Skills for Parents

These training and encouragement workshops were developed in response to author Walt Mueller's presentation seminars on Understanding Today's Youth Culture. Based on Mueller's work, Camp Blaze has developed a skill-focused workbook for couples and single parents of teens. It deals with the wake up message of the pressures, challenges, and confusing life choices faced by today's teens. The classes and workbook are designed to help parents understand these teen pressures and build/rebuild relationships and communication. The course is designed to improve family relationships in order to effectively lead one's teen to grow into a responsible, independent, secure adult with strong values.

The goals to be accomplished throughout either a 6 week - 2 hour/week meeting or a 12 week - 1 hour/week meeting are to: 1) create a family mission statement, 2) to learn more about relationship-based parenting. 3) develop five to six parenting skills, 4) to record examples of new parenting interaction based on applying these skills, 5) to form a parent coalition for support and encouragement.

Camp Blaze encourages parents and those working with youth to read Walt Mueller's book entitled Understanding Today's Youth Culture to gain the insight, practical wisdom, and the opportunity to ENJOY your teenager through this series.

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