Parents in the Workplace

A seminar series

Camp Blaze offers a week of "lunch hour" workshops to local businesses to present various speakers and educators from the local county to deal with various topics and parenting issues.


  • John Carnwath, B.S.
  • Cheryl Carnwath B.S. RN
  • Mark Good, Ph.D.
  • W. Robert Nay, Ph.D
  • Rev. Keith Peck
  • Christine Prodente, M.A.


  1. Bridging The Gap - Communication skills that help in understanding today's youth culture.
  2. A Never Ending Crisis - The ongoing struggles with living and understanding learning disabilities.
  3. Family Survival Patterns - Patterns that bring understanding, enjoyment, and a slower pace to today's family life.
  4. The Family Mission Statement - Mapping out successful strategies for family living.
  5. The Language of Love - Learning how to understand and speak the special love language that is unique to each family member.
  6. Discovering each Person's Personality - Understanding personality traits and how they affect our family relationships.
  7. Family Meetings - A time to talk together as a family, giving voice to each member.
  8. Abstinence, 100 % Effective - The missing message to today's youth and their parents.
  9. Passing a Blessing - Family legacies fortified through parents and grand parents passing on stories of the past.
  10. Taking off the Layers of Chaos - Back to the basics of family living.
  11. Quality Time vs. Quantity Time
  12. Why Teens Don't Talk Or Listen
  13. Honesty in Family Relationships
  14. Temperaments and Discipline - How this effects relationships and the importance of clear communication
  15. Shame Bound vs. Shame Free Parenting
  16. Understanding Communication Levels with our Kids
  17. Catching Values Is A Communicable Disease
  18. In Search of Heroes - Who are the true role models to youth today?
  19. The Making of A Modern Dad
  20. Styles of Parenting
  21. Facing the Battleground of Discipline With Our Teens
  22. Getting Off the Couch - Decision making skills
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