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HERO = a person celebrated for brave and bold actions,a person recognized for special achievements/contributions.

The theme of the Fair "Hometown Heroes" brings a powerful message of hope and inspiration through real life stories of those whose brave and bold actions embody the spirit and heart of America in our hometowns. We have met many people and heard so many stories of regular people who, through circumstances in life, show: courage, honesty, fairness, responsibility, risk-taking, compassion, generosity, and unconditional love. Camp Blaze is extending an invitation to citizens of all ages to nominate their hometown hero. Everyone is motivated and inspired by the stories of those around us who have done great things and have made a difference in our world.

A teacher was compelled to write.

I was invited to attend the Children's Fair to show my support of the students from my school whose essays won the contest. For one of my students in particular, this day of sharing her winning essay impacted her beyond words. Keep up the awesome job of making a world of difference one child and one community at a time.

Let us encourage you to nominate (in 150 words or less) the person whose behavior and actions show the character traits of a hero and who should be celebrated as a Hometown Hero! You and your hero will be recognized and honored at the 26th Annual Children's Fair on May 4th, 2013 at the Big Vanilla Athletic Club in Arnold. This year's 27th year celebration will be the biggest and best yet!

This is a time more than ever to recognize and celebrate our heroes?and the spirit and values that help us to survive and prosper. Keep your dreams alive and face reality and the future with hope.

Camp Blaze sponsors the Children's Fair as an uplifting, fun, and educational day for the entire family. This is a day created to bring children and parents together to discover the vast resources available that help strengthen, grow, and enrich family lives and relationships.

We are grateful for our sponsors who are encouraging our children and their families:

Camp Blaze   Big Vanilla Athletic Club

The Institute on the Constitution

An educational outreach on behalf of the Law Offices of Peroutka & Peroutka

 Stewart & Labbe Orthodontics   Dr. Nilda Collins & Associates  

WNAV   Modern Babies and Children Magazine   Minuteman Press Landmark

The Educational Resource Group  Koons Toyota Annapolis    Severna Park Bowl  WNAV-Hometown Radio

Contest ends February 12, 2013

For more information please contact Cheryl Carnwath 410-703-8528

Mail all entries to

Cheryl Carnwath 1054 E 2nd St #102

Long Beach, CA , www.campblaze.org

Camp Blaze is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Contest Opens: November 1, 2012

Contest Ends: February  12, 2013

Judging Criteria:

1. Description of heroic deed......................35 point

2. Depth of character trait..........................35 point

3. Did they address the topic.....................10 points

4. Clarity of ideas/writing...........................10 points

5. Is it 150 words or less...........................05 points

6. Cover sheet containing:.........................05 points

Total................100 points

Child's name,School or business name,

Address,Grade,Age,Phone number

Please include email address of school

(and individual when possible)

Teachers: Please make a copy of your students essay before mailing so that they will have it if selected as a winner.

Judges will receive submitted essays after 2/12/12. There will be a three week period to judge the entries. We are more concerned with thoughts from the heart, than details on punctuation and spelling. Judges will return their work by March 1st to Cheryl Carnwath. Winners will be notified so they may be present on stage May 5th to receive their recognition and special awards.

Winners are invited to arrive early to become familiar with the event and participate in the Town Meeting.

Our Judges are:

1. Stormy Friday - President,The Friday Group' Children's author

2. Heidi Katz - Anne Arundel Medical Center

3. Rob Finacy - Children's author

4. Joel Freeman - author, producer, motivational speaker

5. Heather Slunt - AACO Health Department Prevention Service

6. Maggie Harris - A.A.C.C. Assistant Director Youth Program


A special guest will present "Hometown Hero" recognitions and awards.

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