Creation Fest

Camp Blaze sponsors a week-long camping outreach at the end of June. Creation Fest has become the largest Christian music and teaching festival in the United States. Motivational speakers and musical bands from all over the world talk about vital and relevant issues in today's youth culture and how to handle the issues from a biblical perspective. Camp Blaze organizes approximately 120 family members to go camping for a week in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Teens as well as adults are introduced/reinforced as to what the bible has to say that will make a difference in their lives. This week has grown relationships among family members and strengthened friendships, brought about life changes, and motivated many of our youth to make better choices. The quiet atmosphere of the valley farmland makes the camping experience a real pleasure. Nights around the campfire after hearing world-renowned bands on main stage are refreshing, and help bond true friendships created for a lifetime.

Camp Blaze, Inc., a grass roots community-based not-for-profit organization has been providing prevention services focused on youth and families since 1992. Camp Blaze's organization has joined in partnerships with other local non-profit community development groups to provide education and outreach mentoring opportunities to high risk 12 year olds through 18 year olds throughout Maryland as well as equip their parents with skills and information on addressing the issues in today's youth culture. Camp Blaze's projects are a collaborative and diverse approach to reach all areas and family members. Camp Blaze operates on a volunteer basis with private funding that is used for programs.

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