About Us

Camp Blaze, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1992 with a mission to discover, develop, and implement programs to meet the ever-changing needs of families. Camp Blaze's purpose is to serve the community with constructive, experiential, and educational seminars, workshops, programs, and events that are central to making a difference in assisting parents raising children in today's culture. Our family programs have made an impact because we have pulled together area resources, networked and partnered with businesses, organizations, school and government personnel who all have a vested commitment to family's lives.

Along with its board members and advisory panel, Camp Blaze focuses to serve as a provider of healthy, entertaining, and educational programs for the families of Anne Arundel County, and the state of Maryland, reaching out to set hearts on fire across America. The Camp's primary mission is to provide programs in an environment to relieve families/children under stress, parents overwhelmed by today's concerns, and those who would benefit from the structure of a focus in priorities. We operate on a non-profit basis.

Camp Blaze is committed to identifying children's and families' needs by providing the best programs possible to decrease the escalating negative statistics of family and children in crises in America. Our commitment is to make a difference, regardless of race, creed or finances to those in need of a positive and a peaceful environment. While our programs, guided by a dedicated competent staff, will be continuously updated to meet the ever changing needs of our families, our purpose to serve our community with physically fun, socially sound, emotionally steadfast, and spiritually elevating programs will not change. While not affiliated with a church organization, our standards are derived from the unchanging biblical text.

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