A Night to Remember

Camp Blaze's most powerful community event involving our youth, parents and professionals addresses the issues of today's youth culture. A Night To Remember: A Celebration of Abstinence was developed based on requests from parents to come up with a solution on how to connect to resources and to open the lines of communication between parents and their teens because of escalating issues in dating violence, sexual activity, and substance abuse. A Night to Remember is a high profile event to advance the value of sexual purity and to discourage pre-marital sexual activity, including the devastating consequences of STD's and HIV/AIDS among our young people (in Maryland).

A Night To Remember: A Celebration of Abstinence is a memorable evening presented in a wedding-style celebration. It includes abstinence-based educational materials along with special guests who are committed to helping young people and their families hear a positive message, truly making this a night to remember for all who attend. We encourage young people and singles to come with a parent, grandparent, or mentor. Each family decides the appropriate age for their child to attend, though most are 11 years old or older.

The evening highlights a wedding celebration that includes teaching options on abstinence education. Our guests are introduced to numerous booths covering the topic of abstinence education and sexual purity. Guests are escorted into a candlelit sit-down dinner with a head table for our "wedding party". The "Bride and Groom" (keynote speakers) of the evening give an inspirational talk and spotlight the traditional cutting of the wedding cake. A pastor then gives an introduction to the importance of the vows "From This Day Forward". Parents and other adults are invited to stand beside their child as the vows are read. A dance follows in which the first song of the evening invites fathers to dance with their daughters and mothers with their sons.

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